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The Hateful Eight
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Major Marquis Warren: Got room for one more?

John Ruth: How you like the sound of them bells, bitch? They are real pretty, ain't they?

John Ruth: No one said the job was suppose to be easy.
Major Marquis Warren: No one said it was supposed to be that hard, nether!

Major Marquis Warren: But when John Ruth the hangman catches ya', you don't die by a bullet in the back. When the hangman catches you...you hang.

Daisy Domergue: You overrate 'em nigger. I'll give you he got guts but in the brains department, he like a man who took a high dive in a low well.

John Ruth: "Ol' Mary Todd's callin' so I guess it must be time for bed". Ol' Mary Todd. That gets me.
Major Marquis Warren: That gets me too.

Daisy Domergue: Is that the way niggers treat their ladies?
Major Marquis Warren: You ain't no goddamn lady!

Major Marquis Warren: You really think I'm in cahoots with that fella or her?

Chris Mannix: You got me at a bit of a disadvantage.
John Ruth: Keepin' you at a disadvantage is a advantage I intend to keep.

Chris Mannix: Well I'll be double dogged damned! You're the hangman, Bob Ruth!
John Ruth: It's John.

John Ruth: Well execuse me for findin' it hard to belive a town electin' you to do anything except drop dead.

Chris Mannix: Ain't love grand? Y'all wanna' lie on the ground and make snow angels together?

Major Marquis Warren: Well, the whole damn place was just made out of kindling.
So, I burnt it down!

Oswaldo Mobray: Good heavens! A woman out in this white hell?
You must be frozen solid, poor thing.

John Ruth: If he is a goddamn sheriff, I'm a monkey's uncle.
Daisy Domergue: Good! Then you can share bananas with your nigger friend in the stable!

John Ruth: What's your name, Buster?
Oswaldo Mobray: Well, it certainly isn't Buster. It's Oswaldo Mobray.

Oswaldo Mobray: The man who pulls the lever that breaks your neck will be a dispassionate man.
And that dispassion is the very essence of justice. For justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice.

John Ruth: You're writing your life story?
Joe Gage: You bet I am.
John Ruth: Am I in it?
Joe Gage: You just entered.

Joe Gage: Christmas with mother? I mean...It's a wonderful thing.

General Sandy Smithers: You sir, are a hyena. And I have no wish to speak to you.

John Ruth, Daisy Domergue, Joe Gage, Oswaldo Mobray: Kick it open!!!

O.B. Jackson: Jesus Christ, that door's a whore!

John Ruth: Guess who he is?
Chris Mannix: Buffalo Bill?

Major Marquis Warren: I never knew Minnie had a mother.
Bob the Mexican: Everybody's got a mother.

Chris Mannix: May I sit down, sir?
General Sandy Smithers: According to the Yankees, it's a free country.

Major Marquis Warren: You captured a whole colored command that day but not one colored trooper made it to a camp, did they?
General Sandy Smithers: We had neither the time or the food or the inclination to care for northern horses and least of all northern niggers!

John Ruth: Yeah Warren, that's the problem with old men. You can kick 'em down the stairs and say it's a accident but ya' can't just shoot 'em.

Major Marquis Warren: And what do you got to say about all this?
Daisy Domergue: What do I got to say? About John Ruth's ravings?
He's absolutely right. Me and one of them fella's is in cahoots and we're just waitin' for everybody go to sleep that's when we gonna' kill y'all.

John Ruth: Okay everybody, hear this.
This here is Daisy Domergue. She's wanted dead or alive for murder. Ten thousand dollars.
That money's mine boys. Don't wanna' share it. I ain't gonna' lose it.
When the sun comes out, I'm taking this woman into Red Rock, to hang.

Joe Gage: Pretty sneaky.

Chris Mannix: But don't you feel just the least little bad 'bout hangin' a woman?
Oswaldo Mobray: Till they invent a trigger a woman can't pull, if you're a hang man, you're going to hang women.

Major Marquis Warren: What's the matter, John Ruth? I hurt your feelings?
John Ruth: As a matter of fact, you did.

Major Marquis Warren: The only time black folks are safe is when white folks is disarmed. And this letter had the desired effect of disarming white folks.

Major Marquis Warren: Starting to see pictures, ain't ya'?

Major Marquis Warren: The dumbest thing your boy ever did was to let me know he was your boy.

Daisy Domergue: And you'll be dead behind me John, when I'll get to Mexico.

Daisy Domergue: No, no, no, no, no!
John Ruth: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Shut up!

Daisy Domergue: When you get to hell, John. Tell 'em Daisy sent ya'.

Major Marquis Warren: You move a little sudden, a little strange, you gonna' get a bullet.
Not a warning, not a question. A bullet.

Major Marquis Warren: So what charms this bitch got, take a man brave a blizzard, kill in cold blood, I'm sure I don't know.

Major Marquis Warren: Four measly bulltes and there goes Señor Bob.

Jody: Say adios to your huevos.

Minnie: It's hot and it's strong and it's good.

Sweet Dave: You play?
Bob the Mexican: You know, I must of had at least twelve people teach me that goddamn game.
Just never could keep the moves in my head. But if I'm not disturbing, I like to watch.

Jody: Merci beaucoup mademoiselle Minnie.
Minnie: Oh, that's real nice! What is that?
Jody: It's French.
Minnie: You speak French?
Jody: Oui.
Minnie: Oui, what is that mean?
Jody: It means yes.
Minnie: Oui - yes. Hey Dave, ask me if my ass is fat!
Sweet Dave: What?
Minnie: Ask me if my ass is fat!
Sweet Dave: It is.
Minnie: I said ask me!
Sweet Dave: Why?
Minnie: Just do it!
Sweet Dave: Is your ass fat?
Minnie: Oui. Look at that y'all! I can speak French!

Joe Gage: You gotta' very sweet accent. Where that from, England?
Oswaldo Mobray: I take exception to that!
Six-Horse Judy: New Zealand.
Joe Gage: Is it anywhere near Old Zealand?

General Sandy Smithers: I just met these people! I don't give a damn about them! Or you, or your sister, or any other son of a bitch in Wyoming for that matter!

Jody: How ya' doin' dummy?
Daisy Domergue: Better, now I see your ugly face.

Daisy Domergue: Mannix! You sure picked the wrong time to turn into a nigger lover!
Don't you see that nigger and John Ruth put you smack dab in the middle of danger?
You're about to be murdered in some nigger named Minnie's house and you don't even know why!

Major Marquis Warren: You gonna make a deal with this diabolical bitch?

Chris Mannix: "You only need to hang mean bastards but mean bastards, you need to hang".

Chris Mannix: "Dear Marquis, I hope this letter finds you in good health and stat. I'm doing fine, altough I whish there were more hours in the day. Is just so much to do. Time's changing slowly but surely and it's men like you that will make a difference. Your military success was a credit not only to you but your race as well. I'm very proud everytime I hear new of you. We still have a long way to go but hand in hand I know we'll get there. I just want to let you know, you're in my thoughts. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Until then, I remain your friend.
Ole' Mary Todd's calling, so I guess it must be time for bed. Respectfully... Abraham Lincoln".

Ole' Mary Todd. That's a nice touch.
Major Marquis Warren: Yeah... thanks.

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